Air hostie’s fury over being ‘too heavy’

Air hostie’s fury over being ‘too heavy’

A former Emirates air hostess claims she was randomly weighed and even put on a diet as part of her role with the airline.

A former Emirates air hostess claims her weight was randomly checked and she was even put on a weight loss program for three years while working for the airline.

During her 10 year career as an air hostess, 37-year-old Duyga Karaman alleges that in the last three years of her tenure, she had her body size monitored because an anonymous colleague had complained that she was ”too heavy”.

In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Ms Karaman claims that despite being a size 12 and around 65kg, she had her BMI tracked and was randomly pulled aside for weight checks.

“It’s definitely not okay,” she said in the interview. “I was really upset for so long and then I lost my self-confidence.

“They should definitely drop this. My two or three kilo extra weight didn’t prevent me doing my job.

“I was a senior cabin crew, I knew what I was doing. I was really good at customer service, I was really good at my job.”

Ms Karaman claims she wasn’t alone, and that others were also pulled aside on occasion.

“Emirates is really strict with their grooming policy. You never see an old cabin crew. They want pretty looking people,” she said.

The veteran flight attendant said as part of the weight management plan, she was given a A4 sheet of paper that advised she didn’t consume rice or bread and encouraged to get regular sleep – a difficulty given her role as a flight attendant.

Ms Karaman claimed that in addition to the advice given by the airline, she would get weighed “unannounced” before flights and would be “so upset” when she had a few kilos extra during the weigh in.

“I had to go into the weight room and be checked. I tried to keep it at that weight, but sometimes I would gain one or two kilos,” she explained.

“I was so upset. When they caught me on the weight checks I had to go back to zero months, and you have to remain clear for a year to be let go.”

An Emirates spokesperson who provided a statement about Ms Karaman’s allegations said they do not comment on “specific” claims made by past or present employees.

“As a global airline, we treat the wellbeing of our employees with the highest priority, and we believe being fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, is an important aspect in them carrying out their duties safely and effectively,” the statement read.

“We’re proud of our colleagues who form Emirates’ cabin crew and are working in safety critical roles to maintain the quality of operations and service Emirates is known for.

“We do not comment on specific, confidential cases of existing or past employees.”

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