‘Brutal’: Stranger attacked over distancing

‘Brutal’: Stranger attacked over distancing

Shocking video shows a dad attacking a jogger in a park for getting too close to his family as Victoria’s Covid outbreak worsens.

Shocking video has emerged of a father attacking a jogger in a Melbourne park after accusing him of getting too close to his family as Victoria’s latest Covid outbreak worsens.

In the footage captured at McAlister Oval in Parkville, reportedly on Thursday morning, the dad is seen running towards the man before kicking him and repeatedly kneeing him in the head before he slumps to the ground.

A woman, believed to be the attacker’s partner, runs into the fracas repeatedly shouting “stop it” and pushes him away from the jogger.

“I was so far away from them,” the jogger, who identified himself to Nine News as Simone, told the broadcaster.

“This guy deliberately hit me without any reason. It was pretty brutal.”

Simone said he had told the man “take it easy” after he complained about insufficient social distancing.

During the violence, a child is heard saying “Mum, mum”.

“It never seemed to me that I was a danger to the community, that I should stay away from them,” the victim said.

“I don’t know why (he attacked). I was just running.

“It’s a disgrace.”

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said she could not find any report of an incident at the park on Thursday morning.

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