Covid-19: Updates and developments for 5 November


This weekend will be three weeks since Super Saturday, when almost 130,000 people rolled up their sleeves in the nationwide vaxathon.

With Tāmaki Makaurau edging towards 90 percent double dosed, several sites across the region will open their doors to get more people ‘dotted’.

The GotYaDot, or Ira Dot, campaign aims to help whānau, hapū, iwi, teams, communities and families to get a ‘dot’ on their upper arm to protect their community.

“Ira dot is about trying to get rid of the ‘v’ and ‘j’ words, because they come with stigmas and traumatic experiences behind them. So we know these words have an effect subconsciously,” said campaigner and Māori musician Pere Wihongi.

“The topic of vaccinations is quite triggering to people. You bring up the topic and our whānau either get really passionate, really defensive or completely switch off.”

Catch up with all of the day’s developments and updates here:

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