Hula hooping expert’s tips for spinning


Weighted hula hoops could be the next big fitness fad – if TikTok hits are anything to go by.

For most, when thinking of hula hoops people remember lunch times playing on the grass at school, but thanks to social media platform TikTok, weighted hula hoops have become the latest viral trend among adults.

People on the app do a 15- to 30-minute workout, just spinning the hoop around their core.

Perhaps if you’ve been going in circles with your fitness goals, maybe it’s time to give hula hooping a spin.

Pixie from Golden Bay runs a hoop dance academy, and makes hula hoops for everything from performance to exercise in almost 100 different styles.

Weighted hoops were not in her initial plan, but had taken off, she said.

“It’s definitely something that I’ve seen growing this past year.

“When I started my business, I didn’t have heavier hoops for sale, but it was something I was getting requests for.

“I did a lot of research on it and yeah it is something that is definitely growing and it’s really cool to see people are latching onto this and making it something they can use to exercise the core.”

Pixie said for beginners, a heavier hoop was easier, but it would not be the same workout.

“The heavier weight actually makes it a lot easier to keep it up around your core, but you do have to push quite hard.

“So, it’s actually a bit of a misconception that the heavier the hoop the harder it is, it’s actually harder the lighter the hoop.”

Fire performance hooper Kate Lodge isn’t new to the trend, nor is exercise her main goal, but she had some tips on how to hoop your best.

“The foundational hooping move, which most of you are familiar with because you probably did it as kids, your waist hooping.

“It’s not quite as easy as it looks … the movement wants to be coming from your core because that’s where the hoop moving.

“The number one mistake I see is aggressive knee or hip thrusting.

“Put the hoop flat against your back and give it a push one direction and then the movement is just a gentle back and forth.”

She said it could take a bit of practise, but then there are plenty more tricks you can learn to look like a master hooper this Christmas.

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