Ministry apologises after incorrect deadline on midwives’ pay claims


The Ministry of Health has apologised for a mistake which caused stress among midwives about pay delays.

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The ministry sent emails yesterday stating a deadline for claims submission before Christmas, but the email was not sent until after the stated deadline.

College of Midwives chief executive Alison Eddy said the ministry’s email came through after 4pm yesterday which said the deadline for claims was 3.30pm.

She said she raised concerns with the ministry about the timeframe which might have left midwives missing out on some of the pays.

A correction from the ministry this afternoon said that the notification yesterday incorrectly stated 22 December when it should have read 23 December.

“We apologise for any stress that this may have caused midwives that have not yet submitted their claims,” the ministry said in its updated notification.

It has also extended the close-off period to noon tomorrow.

Eddy said it was good news that ministry had listened to their feedback.

“It means that they [midwives] will not be adversely affected by the deadline that was imposed yesterday. They will have a little more time for some more claims to be processed.”

However, Eddy said the normal disruption of pay cycle during the holiday period was still a concern, because midwives, who are usually paid weekly, would only be paid tomorrow and then 10 January.

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