Neighbour knocked out cold in viral video

Neighbour knocked out cold in viral video

A video has captured the alarming moment a simple request from a neighbour escalated into a nasty spat that threatened to turn violent.

A shocking video has captured the moment a bizarre neighbourhood spat over a light threatened to end in blows.

A video shared on Reddit this week revealed exactly how the dispute escalated, after an older man walked onto his neighbour’s property to complain about a light that was shining onto his backyard.

His younger neighbour appeared to be unhappy with the intrusion, and can be seen in the clip telling the man, who is wearing a blue singlet and a baseball cap, to “get out”.

“Can you please leave,” he says, while his neighbour replies that he is there because “there’s a bright light shining through my house”.

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The furious neighbour gestures to the light in question and walks towards it, with the younger man telling him to fix it himself.

“It’s your light mate,” the first man says in response, before the younger man attempts to move the direction of the light and fix the problem.

The older man appears to be satisfied that the problem is resolved, and tries to shake his neighbour’s hand – which doesn’t go down too well.

“I don’t want to shake your hand,” he says, as the older man comes intimidatingly close to his face.

“You’re going to f*** me up. Do it, make sure it’s on video,” the younger neighbour says.

“Yeah, I’ve got it all. Got your face in it and everything,“ a woman who is filming the incident can be heard saying.

The man then walks in the female’s direction before the homeowner warns: “Don’t f***ing touch her”.

The video sparked an outpouring of comments, with Reddit users seemingly divided over who was at fault.

Some users described the light as “pretty obnoxious”, while others slammed the older neighbour for being so “aggressive” and for “trespassing”.

However, it’s not the only heated neighbourhood dispute to make headlines recently.

Earlier this year, a UK man dubbed the “neighbour from hell” went viral after building a giant fence down the middle of the driveway he shares with the couple next door.

The high structure meant the man’s neighbours could no longer get in and out of their cars while parked on the gravel – and claimed they now have to move both vehicles just to take the bins out.

And late last year, a Brisbane judge hit out at neighbours involved in an almost decade-long stoush over the sound of wind chimes.

While the feud technically ended in 2016 when one of the warring neighbours left their property, the matter dragged on through Brisbane’s courts with allegations of assault, trespass and private nuisance flung between the parties.

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