Prince Harry’s tourism sustainability drive inspired by Māori values

Prince Harry has launched a new campaign inspired by Māori values.

Wellington, New Zealand - October 28, 2018: The Duke of Sussex chat with members of the crowd at the Wellington War Memorial in New Zealand.

Prince Harry at Wellington War Memorial. (File photo). Photo: 123rf

The eco-travel charity named Travalyst will work to identify and bring systemic changes needed for sustainable travel.

He made the announcement on Māori Television last night].

Travalyst is a coalition of seven global companies working in travel, who say they have developed tools and technology that will enable travel operators and travellers to put a focus on sustainability when travelling.

It allows travellers to see how environmentally mindful they’ve been on their journeys.

The prince told the TV station he had been to Aotearoa a number of times and had always felt a deep connection and respect towards the Māori people who he said made him feel welcome every time.

He said on his most recent visit with his wife, they were honoured to meet with young people dedicated to the Māori culture and to giving back to their communities and their country. He had been inspired by their example.

“Guided by Māori knowledge and practices, Aotearoa is a country of sustainability pioneers, and I’m particularly impressed by the recent efforts of the Tiaki promise,” he said on Māori TV.

“The Māori culture inherently understands sustainable practices and how to take better care of our life-giving land, which are critical lessons we can all learn. And that is why I’m here with you on Te Ao with Moana to share a new kaupapa.

“A few years ago, I founded Travalyst, a non-profit dedicated to making sustainable tourism mainstream for all of us. And through that creating systemic change.

“Every year, more and more of us want better options. And for the first time, Travalyst is striving to make that a reality for everybody who wants to support local communities, travelling with kaitiaki values and looking after nature and wildlife.

“For our first campaign, we’re encouraging people to flip the script. We’re always being asked for our feedback on our trips and experiences, but what would happen if our holiday rated us? It’s an important question to ask and we want all of you to help us answer it.”

However, Prince Harry has been criticised for failing to travel sustainably.

Last year, he reportedly took two private jets in a row to attend a polo match.

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