Protein 2.0 webinar: What’s the greenest, most efficient way to make high-quality food protein?

Protein 2.0 webinar: What’s the greenest, most efficient way to make high-quality food protein?

In this FREE 60-minute webinar,​​ moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson, we’ve brought together three exciting startups, an investor in alternative proteins, and a product innovation specialist, to explore the current protein landscape, from soy and pea to faba beans, plus the market potential for novel protein sources.

Event:​ Protein 2.0 from plant-based to fungi, lemna, bacteria, and moreDate​: Wednesday September 15, 2021Time​: 9.30am PT/12.30pm ETDuration of webinar​: 60 minutesAGENDA​: In our debate​​, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson, we’ll discuss:

Protein potential:​ Assessing the market opportunity for plant-based and ‘alternative’ proteinsThe investor perspective​: How are investors viewing the protein landscape?Yield and sustainability​: What’s the greenest, most efficient way to make high-quality food protein?Comparing proteins​: Taste, performance, nutritionConsumers and next-generation proteins:​ Labeling, marketingThe first 50 minutes will be devoted to the panel discussion, and we’ll leave the remaining 10 minutes for audience questions to our expert panel (pictured left to right):

Tony Martens​, co-founder at Plantible Foods​​, ​which is extracting RuBisCO protein from lemna, a fast-growing aquatic plant  Adam Noble​, co-founder and CEO of Noblegen​​​, which is growing an ancient micro-organism called euglena gracilis that naturally produces a range of ingredients from proteins, to beta-glucans with immune health benefits Dr​ Bryan Tracy​, co-founder of Superbrewed Food​​, which is growing a whole food ingredient from a bacteria that’s very high in protein that works particularly well in dairy-free cheeses and other productsBarb Stuckey, ​president and chief innovation officer at Mattson​​, a product innovation company that has worked with scores of players in the food and beverage industry from startups to multinationals Nick Cooney​, founder and managing partner at Lever VC​​​, a venture capital fund making early stage investments in alternative protein companiesRegister HERE​​ for this FREE event, which is sponsored by AIC, Cargill, Merit Functional Foods, and T Hasegawa.

And please make sure you send us questions you’d like us to put to our speakers during the event via the box on the right-hand side of the registration page​​!  Or email Elaine at [email protected]​ or message her on twitter at @EWatsonWrites

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