Push to get more funds to help farmers’ flood recovery work

Officials in Wairoa say they will need more government funding to recover from flooding over the last two months.

Flood damaged land in Wairoa

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council staff say the scarring on the hills in Wairoa from this year’s floods is similar to what was seen in Cyclone Bola. Photo: Supplied / Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Two torrential downpours caused serious damage across northern Hawke’s Bay.

Images show the excessive scarring of the hillsides caused by hundreds of landslides.

Regional council staff say it is similar to what was seen after Cyclone Bola.

Slip blocking Mangapoike Road in Wairoa.

A slip blocking Mangapoike Road in Wairoa on 30 March. Photo: Supplied / Wairoa Helicopters

The Wairoa District Council has already received $100,000 from the government for a mayoral relief fund.

But the district council and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council are working to get more to help farmers attract more funding.

In a media release today, the regional council said a business case was being prepared summarising the key issues for farmers to apply to a central government recovery fund.

The regional council said planting native trees, particularly on steep hill country, could help prevent future damage, as these kinds of events could happen more often than previously.

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