The great Australian summer quiz, day six | Australia news

The great Australian summer quiz, day six | Australia news

Six days, 10 questions a day. Including one about a giant potato dug up in New Zealand. How much can you remember?

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Quiz composite day six Composite: Alamy, the Grid

Quiz composite day six Composite: Alamy, the Grid1.This year’s Eurovision winners Måneskin were immediately plunged into scandal after the show. What were the Italian heavy metal band accused of?

Miming their winning performance

Taking drugs at the ceremony

Tampering with the radio microphones of the other nations’ contestants

Plagiarising a song that had reached the finals in a previous year

2.In Super Netball, the West Coast Fever were fined $150,000, with the same amount suspended, for breaching a tournament rule. What was it?

Exceeding the salary cap

Slightly deflating match balls at home games

Swapping identical twins onto the court

Wearing shorts rather than skirts

3.Which 80s US family sitcom got a short-lived one-season revival in 2021?

Diff’rent Strokes

Full House

Small Wonder

Punky Brewster

4.In July the Pooseum, a small Tasmanian museum “dedicated to all things poo”, won its fight with the local council to display a sign outside depicting an animal in the act of creating more content. Which animal?


Tasmanian devil



5.How many years had the Melbourne Demons waited to win the AFL premiership before this year’s drought-breaking triumph?





6.Which current or former ABC presenter turned down an honour on 26 January because Margaret Court was made a Companion of the Order of Australia?

Fran Kelly

Kerry O’Brien

Barrie Cassidy

Geraldine Doogue

7.Which Australian magazine published a cover story in February declaring that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were splitting up, hours before the couple announced they were having a baby?

New Idea


Woman’s Day


8.Timothée Chalamet plays Paul Atreides in the current cinema adaptation of Dune. Who played the character in David Lynch’s 1984 version?

Brad Dourif


Jack Nance

Kyle McLachlan

9.Victoria experienced one of the largest earthquakes in its history in September, a 5.9 magnitude. Which was the nearest town to the epicentre?


Mount Buller



10.A New Zealand couple claimed a world record in November after digging up an enormous 7.9kg potato in their garden. What did they call it?






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